Annemarie Siemons

Head of development

I like to make things grow.

As a child, Annemarie read a lot. She lost herself in story worlds and watched endless series in her grandparents' house in the dunes. Now she initiates ideas, connects writers to directors and vice versa and develops films. Stories have to have heart.

How was your journey to here: as head of development? 'Ultimately, I'm doing this because after a lot of years in film on the marketing side, I always looked a bit with an oblique eye and jealousy at that woman sitting in that little room. She was allowed to read all day. But I want that too, I thought. I studied Dutch and communication studies. When I made the switch to dramaturgy/scripted editor, I taught myself the trade with the help of workshops at the Binger Film Institute, Sources, Torino Filmlab, McKee, among others, and was able to intern at the producers I worked with before. Then I found out that this step made a lot of sense. I am quite observant and like to learn life through other people's stories. I was also always just allowed to read. My mother herself did no different. In that early adolescence, my mother had a knack for giving me the right books. For instance, she gave me The Diddakoi. About Kizzy, a lonely gypsy girl who prefers to live in her own caravan. I fell for that whole other fairytale world.' So how does that work out for you here at Doxy Fixy? 'In different ways. Stories come in. It always starts with an idea. Sometimes there is already a team, sometimes you still have to put it together. Then you start talking through; What is that idea then? There must be something in it... The X? That's what we search for together. I do want it to be real. That when you peel everything off completely, there is a real person living in it. It's about credibility. As small as a story can be, it can also be big. For me, it has to have a heart; that can be in a person or in a situation. I do like the word compassion. In everyday life, there are so often situations with people that are harrowing, but also hopeful. The stories are on the streets.' Dream project? 'I catch myself saying that where the way of development is concerned, my dream project is that the story starts with a character. From there, we start building. I think the story will then present itself naturally if you take a very long time to shape it. When I have good writing, or when I have brought people together, I really have a good day. In my profession - development - you are always working to make something grow. Honest and real are important words for me. Sometimes a creator is also searching, then he is first bowing to the real story for a very long time. No, I never retire. My work is too much fun. Maybe one day I will write a script myself.'

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