Stop Filming us

Is a white, Western director able to show the Congolese reality?


A growing group of young people in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo are resisting the one-sided news coverage of their city; only images of war, violence, disease and poverty show stereotypes, resulting from years of Western domination. Such images have nothing to do with the reality in which they live.
In STOP FILMING US, filmmaker Joris Postema shows the struggle of journalist Ley Uwera, photographer Mugabo Baritegera and filmmaker Bernadette Vivuya to capture and show their own experience of life in Goma.


Mugabo Baritegera
Ley Uwera
Ganza Buroko
TD Jack Muhindo
Gaïus Kowene
Juny Sikabwe
Bernadette Vivuya


Director • Joris Posthuma
Script • Joris Posthuma, Harmen Jalvingh
DoP • Wiro Felix
Sound • TD Jack Muhindo
Editor • Patrick Minks, Wouter Sessink
Sounddesign • Marc Lizier, Paul Gies
Music • Harry de Wit
Postproduction • Amator
Producer • DOXY Films
Broadcaster • EOdocs
Idem • Video Project USA, Rushlake Media
With the support of • OASE, Nederlands Filmfonds, NPO-fonds, Netherlands Film Production Incentive
Idem • IDFA scenario-workshop 2017


Ontwerp affiche •


Movies That Matter • Best Dutch Movies Matter Award
Human Rights International Film Festival Berlin • Special Mention
Prix Europa 2020 TV Documentary • Nomination