Oh, My Night

Short pop musical about a kaleidoscopic journey through the night.


Main character Human (Merel Baldé) is stuck in her life. Challenged by her alter ego Blue, she steps out the door. After a revamp at the vamps, she ends up in a club that throws her off balance but also makes her shine. To the sounds of contemporary pop with deep house and disco, loves are born and relationships burst, people drink, dance, kiss, sing, shout, shower. When she steps outside, she walks on enlightened; the morning is sunlit and her dance is an ode to the kaleidoscopic journey through the night that lifted her up and gave her life back.


Human • Merel Baldé
Hostess • Isabelle Kafando
Friend of the hostess • Matthijs van de Zande
Love Interest • Vanja Rukavina
Vampires • Hoax le Beau, LoveMia Sisi, Sederginne


script and directing • Isis Mirihmah Cabolet
idea • Merel Baldé and Matthijs van de Laar
lyrics, composing and starring role • Merel Baldé/MEROL
DoP • Sam du Pon
choreography • Nastaran Razawi Khorasani
sound • Mithras Cabolet
art director • Danja Putman
production Designer • Daylene Kroon
make up and hair • Emma Blok
costume designer Merel • Suze Kuit
costume designer • Catherine Kuikens en Sergio Cruz
edit • Tobias Cornelissen
sound design • Selle Sellink
production manager • Lonneke Oosterop
partner(s) • Nederlands Filmfonds, i.h.k.v. Music Mayday
producer FIXY • Janneke Doolaard, Sylvia Baan


Poster design • Xtuff Designs


Nederlands Film Festival 2022 • Nomination Gouden Kalf for Best Short Film
Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2022 • Opening film
Go Short 2023 • Nomination Best Music Video
Vers Film Festival 2023 • Selection Vers Film Award
BUMA Music In Motion 2024 • Nomination Best Music in a short film, Merel Baldé
Roze Filmdagen 2023


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