Be The Fool

Jade and Scarlet Finch go in search of forgotten stories about their late parents, who were among the avant-garde artists of the 1960s. A search through world-famous artists who coloured this era.


In the 1960s, avant-garde artists Barry Finch and Josje Leeger belonged to the illustrious and colourful artist collective The Fool.
They collaborated with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and other rock greats.
Now that they have passed away and are slowly in danger of being forgotten, their children Jade and Scarlet Finch set out to find the meaning of their parents' legacy.
The search takes them back to legendary locations, from London to Los Angeles and Ibiza to Amsterdam, and to legends who were their friends at the time, such as Graham Nash, Donovan and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson.
Woven throughout the film are colourful scenes from the music show 'Fools Paradise', written by their parents Barry and Josje.
A story about searching for your identity, written as a follow-up to the world-famous musical Hair.
As Jade and Scarlet confront their rock 'n' roll youth, Jade remarks that being the Fool is actually a great compliment.
It means believing in your dreams.
After all, what does life mean if you don't believe in anything?


Director : Joris Postema
DoP: Wiro Felix NSC, Jelle ode, Joris Postema
Sound : Tim van Peppen
Editor : Ruben van der Hammen NCE